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seriously, all Fabregas, all the time on that assist. ridiculous.

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" U.S. arms to Israel are in violation of U.S. law, direct violation of U.S. law. You look at U.S. foreign assistance law, it bars any military assistance to any one country, unit, whatever, engaged in consistent human rights violations. Well, you know, Israel’s violation of human rights violations is so extreme and consistent that you hardly have to argue about it. That means that U.S. aid to Israel is in—military aid, is in direct violation of U.S. law. And as Pillay pointed out before, the U.S. is a high-contracting party to the Geneva Conventions, so it’s violating its own extremely serious international commitments by not imposing—working to impose the Geneva Conventions. That’s an obligation for the high-contracting parties, like the U.S. And that means to impose—to prevent a violation of international humanitarian law, and certainly not to abet it. So the U.S. is both in violation of its commitments to international humanitarian law and also in violation of U.S. domestic law. And there’s some understanding of that. "

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Pulp Fiction (1994)

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If a bearded man eating cereal off of a bowl that is perfect balanced on his head isn’t on your blog, you’re running the wrong type of blog. 

Ive seen this so many times but laugh harder and harder everytime!!

marry me

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I’ve been helplessly depressed for months now. The weight of not having a car is crushing. Not being able to get myself to work. Begging for rides home after a late night shift from co-workers and my mother is undoing my confidence. I woke up this morning crying because I had to ask my sister for a ride and she went on a tangent about not having gas and that I always ask her for rides. I feel helpless. I can’t do anything for myself because I can’t get myself to where I need to be. Honestly I just want it to be over. I don’t have that much going for me anyway. I’m broke, not in school, living in my moms house. This isn’t where I saw myself 6 years ago. I’m failing and I just want it all to be over.